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Terms & Conditions | ANTS Invasion Opening Party

Terms & Conditions

1. Presentation.

The objective of the present document is to establish norms of use and safeguard the protection of the users of this website, which is property of The Night League (The Night League SL, Lipstick Traders SL, World Music Media SL, Barbaryann SL.) at Apartado de Correos 1020, CP 07817 Sant Jordi de Ses Salines, Balearic Islands, Spain.

The Night League makes available through information and personalized services related to our venues, such as the online sale of entrance tickets, reservation of rooms and customer service, with the intention of improving our sales relationship and effectively managing requests made by our clients.

The use of the page and/or its services signifies full acceptance without reservations, and the validity of each and every one of the General Conditions contained in these norms of use. The access and use of determined services offered to users in may be subject to determined conditions that, depending on the case complete or substitute these norms of use, by which the user, prior to access and use of the services and content, must read and accept aforementioned conditions.

2. Use of the website and services.

The user agrees to use the page and the available services on the site, in a manner in agreement with the law, principles of good faith, ethics, good practices and public security, as well as the present norms of use. In consequence, the user must refrain from using the website or services for illegal purposes or effects or contrary to what is established in the present Norms of Use, damaging the rights and interests of third parties or that in any way may harm the website or impede its normal use.

The Night League may, in order to improve the operation of its website and to the benefit of its users, modify unilaterally, and at any moment and without prior notice, the rendered service or any substantial aspect of the present page, or operational or technical conditions and use of the services of

The access to any type of content on the page does not imply any license to reproduce and/or distribute and reproduction or distribution is not permitted without the previous consent of The Night League

3. Protection of personal information of users by The Night League

The Night League complies with the current legislation on personal data protection. For further information on personal data protection, please check the following link:

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4. Links to third party content.

The Night League does not exercise any control, nor does it assume responsibility for the information contained on the websites of third parties which may be accessed by links. The presence of these links on the website is purely informative and in no case signifies suggestion, invitation or recommendation of their use.

5. Guarantee and interruption of service.

The Night League does its best to maintain the continuity of information and services offered on the website, but cannot however, guarantee the continuity and availability of these services in the future.

The Night League exempts itself from any responsibility from damages or harm of all types that may be caused by the improper functioning or unavailability of the website and its related communication systems, resulting from force majeure or interruption or interferences with the networks of transmission of information.

6. Contact information.

Clients may contact in the attention of: The Night League (Lipstick Traders SL, World Music Media SL, Barbaryann SL, The Night League SL)

Customer Service Department: Apartado de Correos 1020, CP 07817 Sant Jordi de Ses Salines, Balearic Islands, Spain


7. Applicable Jurisdiction

The website of The Night League abides by the Spanish law, by which the resolution of any controversy that may arise with users, with respect to the conditions of use and any other claim with regards to the contents and services of the website, will be resolved by the Courts of Ibiza, and will be interpreted in compliance with the Spanish Law, with both parties renouncing their own jurisdiction area or any other that may correspond to them.